Gina Rossi, an American Artist

Gina Rossi spends a fair amount of time looking up.  This five foot bundle of energy truly has her head in the clouds these days painting beautiful landscapes with torrent cloud shapes and atmospheric phenomena. 
From the age of five, she had spent most of her time day dreaming and wishing herself out of her physical space.  Although she had traveled extensively and lived in many wonderful places, she still continued to search for that creative space in which she could express herself through art.  Her love of art only grew stronger when her family moved to Italy and she was able to delight in the masterful works of art she experienced. Being a true Gemini, Gina Rossi was often perplexed by her dual personality.  She spent much of her time learning how to move back and forth between what was right in front of her to what she could imagine it to be. It was a skill to possess and one she wanted to harness. Since childhood, her compulsion for art making kept her engaged in its study. 
Something magical happened in Gina Rossi's life at the age of twenty. She gave birth to twin boys without knowing she was carrying twins.   Shocked and at the same time ecstatic, motherhood helped her learn to be in the here and now, but she never gave up on her desire to be outside of her physical world. Motherhood and attending school while bringing up her children required a time management skill that had to be conquered if she was going to continue her art studies.  Gina Rossi graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii receiving a BFA and then went on to receive an MFA from the University of Arizona where she taught for several years. Her challenge to move from her right to left brain and back paid off. Especially while she was teaching.  Of that experience she says, “Teaching was a joy and a challenge. Never expecting to teach, I was challenged by how to develop a curriculum that put all that I had learned of my experiences and skills into a clear and understandable language of a discipline that was verbal, not visual”. 
Well, Gina Rossi is still looking up!  Her current work brings her back to her childhood romance with clouds.  But now she has honed her skills to move from this reality easily into her imagined one. The artist now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She challenges herself every day to paint the beauty of this area with energy and passion taking her inspiration from the amazing landscapes she is surrounded by.  When asked why she paints landscapes she replied, “There is something quite spiritual about the land here.  It sometimes moves me to tears because I feel I am so blessed to be able to experience the amazing cloud formations and weather in the distance that is not cluttered by high rises or a shortage of space.  Here it feels like you CAN see forever. I want to capture those moments in time. I want to share my expression of those moments when your breath is taken away by the beauty seen in an amazing crimson sunset or a blustery storm in the distance or the sun shinning through the clouds dropping it's liquid gold on the earth below."




Nature is my church.  Brushes are my prayers. When I paint, I search for the essential nature of reality.  The artistic creation is the metamorphosis of that reality. Through the use of space, light and color, I hope to create paintings that become the external physical part of something beyond itself, something that is spiritual and self-sustaining.