Santa Fe Desert - Oil on Panel - 30" x 40"
Santa Fe Desert - Oil on Panel - 30" x 40"

I have been working on something a little different lately.  I am doing some "abstracted landscapes".  It has been fun and very interesting.  I have been using some plein air paintings and abstracting from them.  Usually, I paint very small outdoors.  I worked from a 9" x 12" and this studio painting is 30" x 40".  This presented a problem because I needed to use bigger painting tools!  I didn't really have the right tool so I took a spatula from my kitchen and started working with that.  I loved doing this and came back in to define a little bit but not too much.  There is a fine line between true abstraction and reality.  My goal is to get to the fine line.  It isn't easy!  I hope you enjoy this one.


If any of you are interested in purchasing this painting, the price is:  $3,200.  If you call the Tom Ross Gallery and mention that you are a newsletter receipient, you can receive a 10% discount.


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